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Est. since 2009, Head Start Biz Solutions has successfully helped 1000’s of families and individuals gain the financial freedom that we all hope for. Restoring credit, business funding, business formation and even assisting our clients with becoming home owners, are just a few of the services we offer. We stand behind our clients while educating

We ensure everyone gets VIP treatment!

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  • I came to Head Start in May of 2017 with a 448 credit score. I joined their credit repair program and in 30 days all my negative accounts were deleted and my credit score was a 660. I never in a million years thought the services would work that fast. I’m currently at a 778 and just got funding for my business thanks to Head Start Biz Solutions.

    Keron M., Virginia

  • I wanna thank Head Start Biz Solutions for helping me repair my credit. I went from a 580 to a 730 in less than 6 months. I now own my very first home. Thank you Head Start I couldn’t have done it with out you.

    Rosa O., Virginia

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How to Raise Your Credit Score: 5 Tips That Can Help

Credit means everything in today’s world. It affects a person’s ability to buy a car, a home and even insurance rates. With so much emphasis placed on good credit, it is imperative a person knows how to raise your credit score. With a good credit score, which is typically defined as a score above at

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Credit Cards For Bad Credit: 5 Things You Should Know

People who have bad rating are likely hoping to rebuild their credit score. There are many different reasons for damaged credit, but there is always a way to rebound. One of the best ways to begin the rebuilding process is to open a new loan line. Fortunately, there are credit cards for bad credit. Although

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5 Things a Consumer Better Know About Bad Credit Car Loans

A car is often viewed as a necessity for most people. Reliable transportation is necessary in order to maintain a decent job. Without a job, it is nearly impossible to pay bills and establish credit. Unfortunately, for people with bad credit, it can sometimes be difficult to obtain a loan to buy a car at

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