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Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Becoming an Affiliate with Head Start Biz Solutions is completely FREE. We have creatives for you to use and tracking for you to gauge results. An affiliate will receive their custom link when logged in. All you have to do is pick which ad you want to use, copy the text and paste.

Responsibilities: The role of an affiliate is to refer individuals/businesses to Head Start Biz Solutions by using their custom link. An affiliate is NOT responsible for selling services, collecting documentation, or keeping in contact with the customer.

Marketing Material: An affiliate is provided banners and creatives to use for promotion. These can be found in the affiliate dashboard by logging in at either,, or The banners and creatives will already include a custom link to ensure the proper affiliate is credited by simply copying and pasting the html. An affiliate’s custom link is provided in the dashboard and they are welcome to come up with new creatives of their own if desired.

Tracking: All tracking on clicks and conversions appears in real time in the affiliate dashboard. An affiliate can see which ads are working better than others, who converts into a sale, commission earned, and commission due.

Training: There are hours’ worth of training videos to learn new tactics on how to create results as well as utilizing the tools provided more effectively. These videos are provided FREE of charge and all affiliates are encouraged to take advantage of them. A training manual is provided upon signup to constantly refer to as a useful resource. Affiliates will also be invited to join in a weekly conference call on Wednesday at 6:00 PM E.S.T.

Payout Structure: Affiliates will be paid $50 for every individual/business sent to Head Start Biz Solutions that becomes a client through one of our many different services. Payments will be received directly through PayPal. Please set up an account for FREE if you do not have one. Other payout options like direct deposit become available when you become a consultant with us. Affiliates will be required to fill out a W-9 form before payments are dispersed.

Payout Dates: Affiliates will be paid on the 14th and 28th of every month. The ending submission dates will be the 10th and 24th of every month. (Example: If someone becomes a client on the 13th of the month, that $50 will be paid on the 28th and not the 14th.) This allows time for processing and to ensure the transaction is legitimate.

Termination: Head Start Biz Solutions does NOT allow any affiliate to use their custom link in a spam type campaign. If an affiliate is to utilize a mass email type campaign, the list must be subscribers who have opted in to receive such information. Spam complaints will be immediate grounds for termination of an affiliate account. Any payments due will be forfeited to help recover some of the damage caused to the hosting account and website.

By signing up as an affiliate, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.
You are also agreeing to sign up for our email notices informing you of conference calls and other.
There will be a link provided to unsubscribe shall you wish to stop receiving them.